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Our service philosophy is driven by our belief that we must earn our Clients' loyalty every time they fly. This philosophy is what inspires us to make each trip an extraordinary experience. Supported by an extensive 24/7-customer service operation, we are relentless in our commitment to flawless execution. Whether anticipating needs or responding to requests, our passion is for delivering truly personalized service.

Our approach

Our service quality control begins at booking with an extensive feasibility check, looking at aircraft performance, airport logistics and other factors. Each day, representatives from key service delivery teams meet to review all flights over the next 24 hours for potential safety or service related issues, providing solutions proactively where needed.

Planning process

Our planning process includes a specific aircraft and crew positioning plan based on your flights needs and conditions, to minimize any potential delays.

Personalized service

We have a passion for delivering personalized service, whether we are anticipating needs or responding to requests.

Last minute solutions

For pop-up trips or in the event of a mechanical issue, the strength and breadth of our operator network gives us a unique advantage when a recovery aircraft is needed or a last-minute trip arises. Command center

Daily flight review

An essential part of our process, the daily flight review ensures that your trip is seamless. The teams in our command center meet to review every flight occurring in the next 24 hours to identify anything that could disrupt your plans, and respond accordingly.

24/7 availability

There are times when the unexpected happens. As much as we plan ahead, there are situations that come up that do not afford us that luxury. NY Private Jets' service professionals are available 24/7 and are skilled to handle the most time-sensitive scenarios.

Flight tracking

From the point when your crew checks in for pre-flight service, flights are monitored through your arrival at destination - leveraging fully integrated and automated Flight Tracking technology. Specialized teams

Specialized teams

Our ability to provide an outstanding travel experience is driven by our extensive service delivery platform. The cornerstone of our capability, the "Daily Flight Review", is conducted in advance of each flight to review every travel detail. Every element is checked, and then re-checked, across every operating team. International experts

International experts

An expert, in-house International Specialist handles the added intricacies of paperwork and other requirements for non-U.S travel.

Real-time monitoring

A Weather and Air Traffic Control Desk is constantly monitoring weather and ATC activity, beginning 24 hours prior to departure, to avoid any potential disturbances.


A Catering and Ground Control Transportation Desk is responsible for arranging and to oversee all of the details for any of your logistical needs.

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